Unity Tutorial: Biome based procedural terrain generation – Part 7 (Placement Improvements)

In the latest part of the Biome based procedurally generated terrain we’re going to be making a number of improvements to the object placement logic. In particular, we’re going to add the ability to have a weighted set of objects to be placed to allow us to more easily distribute a range of objects with a reduced chance of them intersecting.

📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/AdvancedDeepDive_ProcGenTerrain/tree/Part-7-Improved-object-placement

Ooze based biome generation from: https://www.procjam.com/tutorials/en/ooze/
(And thankyou to Glyphic Enigma for the reminder)

Find the code here: https://github.com/GameDevEducation/AdvancedDeepDive_ProcGenTerrain