Unity Tutorial: Biome based procedural terrain generation – Part 6 (Runtime generation)

Building on the existing proc gen terrain environment in this video as well as adding runtime support we’ll also add in support for editor coroutines and make some major improvements to the placement logic to yield both smaller levels (for editor side generation) as well as more logical placement rules.

📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/AdvancedDeepDive_ProcGenTerrain/tree/Part-6-Runtime-Generation-and-Improved-Placement

Ooze based biome generation from: https://www.procjam.com/tutorials/en/ooze/
(And thankyou to Glyphic Enigma for the reminder)

Find the code here: https://github.com/GameDevEducation/AdvancedDeepDive_ProcGenTerrain