Welcome to Game Dev Education!

Game Dev Education is an ongoing series of videos teaching different aspects of Game Development with a focus on Unity. Whether you are new to development or experienced the goal is that there will be something for you. I’ll be releasing regular videos on YouTube and you can find more information on those below.

If you want to see what tutorials are coming out soon then check out the schedule here.

Developer Essentials

The Developer Essentials series are aimed at folks who are just starting out with Game Development. It focuses on the Unity game engine and starts at the very beginning with installing Unity and how to use the engine. The series then takes a look at essentials for the C# language before looking at key components of Unity that we need to build our games.

Deep Dives

The Deep Dive series take an in depth look at specific features and elements within Unity and Game Development. The regular Deep Dives explore specific features. The Advanced Deep Dives look at specific tasks we might be trying to accomplish (eg. procedurally generating an environment).

Building from scratch

The Building From Scratch series take a simple game and build all of the pieces for the game from scratch walking through the design and implementation stages.

Finding the projects

I’ve made the code for all of the projects available here on GitHub. You are free to use any of the code I create in the projects in any way (commercial or non-commercial).

Supporting Game Dev Education

If you’d like to support me making more videos then I have setup a Patreon.