Hi! I’m Dr Iain McManus. I’m currently an independent game developer and educator. I’ve worked on large scale games (Bioshock: Infinite, The Bureau & Medieval II: Total War). I’ve also worked on a lot of small games and mobile apps either solo or in small teams as part of a game jam. I’ve taught game development and created Bachelor and Masters level modules ranging from introductory programming to advanced pathfinding and artificial intelligence. I’ve worked with Unity, Unreal and custom game engines. And I regularly release tutorials on game development in Unity.

Echoes is a short (5-10 min) first person game set in a world on the brink of extinction. You were running to escape and then found yourself in an abandoned warehouse. There’s something else here though. Long forgotten echoes of those who were here before. Witness those echoes and try to piece together what happened to those now gone.

Echoes is set in the same world as another (and free) game of mine: Calling out into the night.

As an independent developer I’ve created solo games, worked with small teams during the Global Game Jam and released addons for Unity to help other developers. All of the projects are available in my portfolio.

As well as making games I like to also talk about how I went about making the games. I like to share the parts that went wrong and the parts that went great. And, I try to share useful tips and techniques and code where I can. You can find all of the articles I’ve written here.

I regularly create and release tutorials on Game Development in Unity. The tutorials are accessible via YouTube and the full code for every project is available. Any and all parts of the projects are freely available to be used in commercial or non-commercial projects.