Through my window

There are no tasks to complete, no places to be. There’s just you and the dark rainy night outside your window. Through my window is a Massively Multiplayer Online Screensaver. You can choose to play in online or offline mode.

In Online mode you will be allocated a free apartment. Your building and the building opposite are able to be occupied by people. If you see the lights change then another person just changed them. If you change your lights then the other people playing can see it. No personally identifying information is ever transmitted. The server gives you a unique identifier each time you connect and the game then uses that for all communications.

In Offline mode you are randomly allocated an apartment and all buildings are controlled by the game. No communications with the server occur.

In both modes the game controlled elements (rain, wind, thunder, vehicles and the buildings to the left and right) are synchronised to UTC time. Providing your computer time and timezone is correct you will see the same things happen when they happen for other people in the game.


Apartments leased


Lights toggled


Unity, WWise, MySQL and PHP

Development Time

1 month part time


Windows and macOS