You Will Be Found

You Will Be Found is a short but intense horror experience. Remain hidden for as long as you can. Once you’re detected though then the hunt can only end one way, with your death. You can try and buy time by running or screaming. But in the end the Whispers will always find you.

You can play in offline or online mode. In online mode the paths that other players have taken will make those same areas of your world more dangerous. In both modes you can customise many of the balance options and easily share yours with others using the ‘balance code’.

Photosensitivity Warning
This game contains both moving and flashing lights. It may cause discomfort and/or trigger seizures for people who have photosensitive epilepsy even if you have no prior history of epilepsy or seizures.

Some effects can be turned off in the Settings menu.


Unity and WWise

Development Time

4 months part time


Windows and macOS