Where there’s a Wilhelm, there’s a way

Your phone is hidden in one of the boxes in the warehouse and you need to find it. To find it you’re going to need to smash boxes to see what’s in them. Fortunately, you have honed your scream to box shattering levels. Use your scream to shatter the boxes, the walls and anything else between you and your phone. Don’t worry, your phone won’t smash, it’s a Nokia. Hold down space, or primary mouse button, to charge your scream and then release to unleash it upon the world. Scream at the floor to jump high into the air. The longer you charge your scream the more damage it will do and the further you will go. Smash as many boxes as you can … you might find some handy upgrades in them. After all, who doesn’t want to have mid air jumping by screaming at the ground far below you?

Where there’s a Wilhelm, there’s a way was created as part of the 2021 Global Game Jam using the theme “Lost and found”. The team on the project were:

  • Iain McManus
  • James Chen
  • Josh
  • Kalvin Pearce
  • Rohan Cruickshank


Unity and WWise

Development Time

48 hours (5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday)


Windows and macOS