At an unknown time in the past the world was shattered … countries and reality itself fractured leave people trapped and isolated. A solution was found but not in time. And now the facility holding the solution lays quiet and formant … until you arrived. Find the fragments and restore the world.

Fragments is the seventh chapter in my One day at a time series. The series was begun as a means for me to practice coming up with simple games. I set myself a few rules to try and ensure they games stay simple:

  • I get 20 hrs to develop and upload each game.
  • No individual game can be released until the collection is complete.
  • Once all games are complete I get 4 additional hours per game to polish them.
  • All games are done solo but I can use third party assets.

With the rules in place the question was then what would I use as prompts? I decided on working my way through all of the Global Game Jam themes in order. Fragments is based on the 2014 Global Game Jam theme of “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.


Unity and WWise

Development Time

24 hours (20 to reach shippable plus 4 more for polish)


Windows and macOS