Dev Console Add-on

The Developer Console Add-on is a free add-on for Unity. The console provides over 20 built in commands which allow you to interact with objects, switch scenes or change elements of those scenes.

New commands can easily be added and the Developer Console Add-on includes help on creating your own commands. The full source code for all of the commands and the Developer Console itself are both included.

Key Features

  • Smart autocompletion that knows what scenes are loaded, what components exist and what objects are in the scene
  • Easy integration into existing or new projects
  • Easy to add new commands
  • Integrated help for all commands
  • Full source code included
  • Guided tutorials for the built in commands
  • Over 20 built in commands allowing you to:
    • Manipulate the positiong, rotation and scale of game objects
    • Load and unload scenes
    • Add, remove and toggle components on game objects
    • Spawn objects based on prefabs
    • Set, get and remove player preferences
    • Set or get public variables or properties on components (not all variable types are supported)
    • Set or get public static variables or properties on classes (not all variable types are supported)
    • Execute public functions on components (only parameterless functions)
    • Execute public static functions on classes (only parameterless functions)
    • Take screenshots



Development Time

2 weeks part time with periodic updates


Unity Editor (platform agnostic)