A Wizard’s Life

You’ve just recently been assigned as the designated wizard for your village by the Department of Village – Wizard Co-Existence. The villagers need your assistance and have sent you several requests for you to perform using your Spell-o-matic 2000 (no free form spell casting is permitted since the ‘incident’). There’s just one catch … due to a mislabeled shipment of newt eyes your vision is quite limited. Do your best and try not to mess up the town too badly.

A Wizard’s Life is the ninth chapter in my One day at a time series. The series was begun as a means for me to practice coming up with simple games. I set myself a few rules to try and ensure they games stay simple:

  • I get 20 hrs to develop and upload each game.
  • No individual game can be released until the collection is complete.
  • Once all games are complete I get 4 additional hours per game to polish them.
  • All games are done solo but I can use third party assets.

With the rules in place the question was then what would I use as prompts? I decided on working my way through all of the Global Game Jam themes in order. A Wizard’s Life is based on the 2016 Global Game Jam theme of “Ritual”.


Unity and WWise

Development Time

24 hours (20 to reach shippable plus 4 more for polish)


Windows and macOS