Schedule for upcoming tutorials

Hi folks, the list below shows you what tutorials are coming up in the future and when they’ll be available to everyone. The tutorials will typically be available to Patrons about 1-3 weeks early (the processing by YouTube of the high definition versions is the main delay).

Making a Gravity Gun

Gravity guns are cool and a lot of fun to play with in games so let’s make one. In this tutorial we’ll build a gravity gun that can pull objects towards us and then launch them. Or that can just be used to push things around the environment. We’ll also talk a bit about how we can adjust the mechanics for desktop vs VR uses.

Available: Friday, 14th of January

6 Game Jam Tips

Game jams can be a lot of fun but if managed poorly they can also be very stressful and result in crunch and we want to avoid that. In this video I’ll be talking through some key tips on how to approach game jams so that we can do them in a healthy way.

Available: Monday, 17th of January

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Text (or Kinetic Typography) is text where motion and movement are used for emphasis or to convey a specific mood or tone. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to modify TextMesh Pro in Unity to create kinetic text where each character is a physics object that we can then apply forces to or move any way we need.

Available: Friday, 21st of January

How do we make a game?

How do we develop a game? How do we go from an idea to a polished game? In this video I’ll be talking through some key steps of how we can develop a game; ways to decided upon and refine an idea; how to structure out our development; and how to deliver a tested and polished project.

Available: Monday, 24th of January

Making an in-game camera

In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to make an in-game camera that we can use to take photos. We’ll see how to save those photos out to a safe location on the computer/device and ways to apply post processing only to the photos that we take through it.

Available: Friday, 28th of January

Introduction to Shader Graph

Shader graph is a node-based shader editing tool available to us in Unity if we’re using either the Universal (URP) or High Definition (HDRP) pipeline. In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics of setting up shaders using shader graph as we build some simple shaders to colour based on height; fade with height; and to use custom functions.

Available: Monday, 31st of January

Introduction to VFX Graph

Visual Effect (VFX) graph is a handy tool for easily creating visual effects (eg. particle systems) in our Universal (URP) or High Definition (HDRP) projects. In this tutorial we’ll see the basics of how to use the Visual Effect graph and perform simple interactions with it via code.

Available: Friday, 4th of February

Procedural Generation of Terrain Meshes

We’ve previously seen how to procedurally generate terrain using the Unity Terrain system, what about to just a simple mesh though? What if we want a more faceted look which we won’t get out of Unity Terrain? The solution is to generate the mesh ourselves. In this tutorial we’ll look at how to generate the mesh and a few catches to watch out for.

Available: Monday, 7th of February

Dissolve and Fade Effects in Shader Graph

In this tutorial we’ll look at how to create some simple effects using Shader Graph. First we’ll make a burning dissolve effect and then we’ll make a dithered fade that we can us to fade out objects that are near to the camera.

Available: Friday, 11th of February