C++ Tutorial: Abstract Classes and Interfaces

  • C++ Tutorial: Abstract Classes and Interfaces

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at abstract classes and interfaces and how we can set rules for what functions must be overridden and what ones can’t be.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_AbstractInterfacesAndFinal

  • Unity Tutorial – Terrain Helper Editor Extension

    In this tutorial we’re going to be building an editor extension to provide some helpful tools for working with the terrain heightmaps. We’ll add support for importing and exporting the heightmap as well as improved controls for the import side such as controlling intensity.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UT_EditorExtension_TerrainHelper/tree/Part-1-Basic-Tool

  • Unity AI Tutorial: Sims-style AI Part 6 (Memories)

    In this next part of our Sims-style AI series we’re going to be giving our AIs memories. Interactions will be able to have different outcomes, those outcomes can also form memorie and overtime those memories can become permanent.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UnityTutorial_SimsStyleAI/tree/Part-6-Memories

  • C++ Tutorial: Introduction to Inheritance and Polymorphism

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take an initial look at inheritance and polymorphism. We’ll look at what they are, why they’re useful and we’ll see how to setup a set of classes that use it.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_IntroToInheritanceAndPolymorphism

  • C++ Tutorial: Pointer, Reference and Value Types

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to look at the different ways to pass data into a function. We’ll also look more in depth and pointers and references and how we should decide which method of passing to use for different scenarios.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_PointersReferencesAndValues

  • C++ Tutorial: Functions

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to create and use functions and how to decide when we should be using functions.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_Functions

  • C++ Tutorial: Diving into Containers

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to use some of the many containers available in C++ including vectors, lists and maps.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_DivingIntoContainers

  • C++ Tutorials: Conditionals and Scope

    In this C++ Tutorial we’ll take a look at how to use conditionals (IF statements) to allow our code to do different things based upon conditions that we setup. For example, displaying a different bit of information based on a value entered by the user.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_ConditionalsAndScope

  • C++ Tutorial: Loops and Containers

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to have blocks of code run multiple times using loops and also ways of storing blocks of similar data in one variable called a container.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_LoopsAndContainers