Unity Tutorial: Simple Spaceship (Part 7 – Landing and Braking Polish)

  • Unity Tutorial: Dishonored-style World Flipping

    In this tutorial we’re going to setup a system for Dishonored 2 style reality flipping. We’ll be able to move between two different versions of a world and peer into one from the other.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UnityTutorial_WorldFlipping

  • Unity C# Tutorial: Helpful Tricks

    In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at some helpful C# tricks that will let us write less code. In particular we’ll look at how to serialize simple properties in the inspector; easy ways to access the last element in an array/list; interpolated strings; and switches and switch expressions.

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  • Unity Tutorial: Simple Spaceship (Part 6 – Variable Gravity)

    Our spaceship is done with flat planes. We’re going to add in a gravity system where the gravity can come from different directions and from multiple sources. That will mean quite a few changes for our spaceship but by the end we’ll be able to fly to another planet and (hopefully) land.

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  • Unity Tutorial: Procedurally Generated Lightning

    In this tutorial we’ll look at a way to create simple procedural lightning that hits a specific location. We’ll be using simple cubes for the individual pieces of the lightning but the information we generate could be used to generate a mesh or with other systems to create a different appearance.

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  • Unity HDRP Tutorial: Weather Presets

    In this second part to the weather effects tutorial we’ll add support for preset weather configurations that we can easily switch between. The transitions to a new preset can take time and while a preset is active it can also vary in intensity. Each preset can control all of the weather effects so we can…

  • Unity Tutorial: First Person Controller (Part 9 – AI Support)

    In this tutorial we’ll be extending our character controller to support input from other sources than a player. In particular we’ll set it up to support our AIs providing input commands similar to what would be received from a player.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UnityTutorial_CharacterController/tree/Part-9-AI-Input

  • Unity AI Tutorial: Sims-Style AI (Part 3 – AI Blackboard)

    As the complexity of our AIs increases we often need a way for AIs to store and share information. A common solution for this is an AI Blackboard. In this tutorial we’ll be setting up an AI blackboard that tries to balance performance as well as supporting generic information where needed.

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