Unity Tutorial: Character Controller (Fall Damage & Haptic Feedback)

  • C++ Tutorial: Casting

    In this tutorial we are going to take a look at casting in C++. We’ll look at the different techniques, how they work and where we may want to use them.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_Casting

  • Maths for Games – Trigonometry

    In this tutorial we’re going to take a deeper dive into maths for games starting with trigonometry. We’ll look at how angles work; sine and cosine function; and, how we can use them in games.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UT_MathsForGames/tree/Part-1-Trigonometry

  • Unity AI Tutorial – Behaviour Trees

    In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at what Behaviour Trees are and we’ll convert our previous GOAP AI logic over to use the Behaviour Tree system that we setup.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UnityAITutorial_BehaviourTrees/tree/Part-1-Behaviour-Tree-Base

  • Unity Tutorial: Biome Based Procedural Generation – Part 10 (Islands and Biome Modifiers)

    In this next tutorial on procedural terrain generation we’re going to look at how to generate islands and also extending the biome map generation to be easily customised. We’ll then use that to setup a simple Voronoi based biome generator.

    Shout out to the procedural generation processes discussed here: http://cuberite.xoft.cz/docs/Generator.html I highly recommend checking it out.


  • C++ Tutorial: Access Levels

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at access levels in detail (public, private and protected). We’ll also look at how to use the friend keyword.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_AccessLevels

  • C++ Tutorial: Memory Allocation

    In this C++ tutorial we’re going to take a look at how to manage memory and some of the gotchas to watch for.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/CPlusPlus_MemoryAllocation

  • Unity Tutorial – Terrain Helper Editor Extension (Part 2 – Mesh Conversion)

    In this next part of our Terrain Helper series we’ll add support for converting a terrain to a mesh (including the texturing of the terrain).

    Latest version is available as a Unity Package at https://github.com/GameDevEducation/GDEPackage_TerrainHelper.git

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/UT_EditorExtension_TerrainHelper/tree/Part-2-Mesh-Conversion

  • Unity Tutorial: Biome Based Procedural Generation – Part 11 (Seeds and Preparing for Chunks)

    In this next part of the biome based procedural generation we’re going to refactor things to make it easier to support chunk based generation in the future and make things easier to extend in the future. We’ll also add support for generation seeds.

    📂 Grab the full project ➠ https://github.com/GameDevEducation/AdvancedDeepDive_ProcGenTerrain/tree/Part-11-Seeds-and-preparing-for-chunks-EndPoint